Steve Deakin Talks About the World Pickleball Championships Team Event

Steve Deakin Talks About the World Pickleball Championships Team Event

Here at Pickleball Nexus, we are excited for the upcoming World Pickleball Championships. The main event is a tournament, hosted by Pickleball Global, to determine the top players of 2020. There will be pro brackets every day of the tournament, and all championship matches will be played the last day of the tournament. 


On the first day of the tournament, however, we will be treated to a fun team competition. Team USA vs. Team World. Captains Ben Johns (USA) and Steve Deakin (World) hand-picked their teams of 12 players to play in mixed, men’s/women’s doubles, and men’s/women’s singles matches for bragging rights. Here are the teams:

Team USA World Pickleball Championships
Team World World Pickleball Championships

The World Pickleball Championships will take place on February 3rd-7th in Punta Gorda, FL. Find more information here.

Interview With Team World Captain Steve Deakin

PN — How do you feel about captaining team world in the upcoming championships?


SD — I was approached by Jan at Pickleball Global about this idea for a team event that would run as part of the World Pickleball Championships this upcoming February. I loved the concept and always have been a huge fan of anything involving a team like format. So I wasted no time in accepting the role as Captain for Team World. At the end of the day, this event is incredible exposure for the sport of Pickleball. When you can gather 24 of the best players on this planet in one venue for a special event, you can’t help but get pumped up. I am truly looking forward to some amazing matches and most importantly a ton of laughs. 


PN — both teams have solid players, what do you think is going to make team world stand out and hopefully clinch the W?


SD —

Both Teams have incredible depth. Trust me, I have done the math on the match ups and of course I have Team World on top at the end of the day haha. I think in all seriousness though, it is going to be very close. 15 minute timed games and no timeouts will make this unique format very interesting and fun for the fans. All the match ups are important but I have a feeling the singles could be pivotal in crowning the winning team. 


PN — how many countries are being represented by team world? 


SD — There are 12 players on Team World representing 10 countries. In my opinion, this shows how diverse the sport is becoming globally. I am so thankful to be a part of this event and even more excited to be the Captain. It’s not everyday I get to dictate what length of socks the team must wear. Yes, that’s right guys. No ankle socks for anyone. 

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